Why People Want Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has its own benefits and risks. Depending on the person’s point of view, the benefits may outweigh the risks, or the risks may outweigh the benefits. Typically, those who see more benefits than risks push through, while those who see more risks than benefits stop considering the idea of cosmetic surgery itself.

It cannot be denied, however, that many people seem to see the benefits outweighing the risks, so they push through with the surgery. But what are these benefits exactly? Why do people want to undergo cosmetic surgery despite the risks?

External Benefits

Most of the time, people consider cosmetic surgery because of three core ideas. First, they are not satisfied with themselves physically and want some improvements. Second, they want to reverse or minimize the signs of aging in their body. Third, they want corrective measures to their body parts that have been compromised because of an injury or medical condition.

Internal Benefits

Cosmetic surgery is not always about being more attractive, as it can also be about functionality. This is particularly true for the third reason stated above. For example, a woman who has compromised her breasts because of cancer may undergo corrective surgery to balance and reshape her breasts.

External benefits are also directly related to the internal benefits. If a person is more attractive physically, that can translate to better self-confidence and esteem. There are even instances where patients will feel manlier or womanlier after cosmetic surgery, after enhancing body parts that highlight their gender-specific features, such as their chests, breasts, abs, and butts.

The Decision

The website of Bergman Folkers Cosmetic Surgery mentions that cosmetic surgery can be divided into several types, depending on the area of surgery “face and head, breast surgery, body contouring, and botched surgery correction.” All these have their own benefits and risks.

Those who see more risks than benefits are not just the ones who do not want cosmetic surgery. There are also those who just don’t like the idea of altering themselves and would want to stay as natural as possible. The most important thing to know in cosmetic surgery is that your physical appearance doesn’t completely define who you are, but it can play a role in molding yourself. How big that role is will depend on your perspective.

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