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click this . Nutrisystem discounts . mobile spy . Nutrisystem coupon Site Map Welcome to Twinkle-Hill Farm, home of John, Dee, Jeannie, and Laurie Winkelman. Conveniently located in southeast Wisconsin between Madison and Milwaukee, Twinkle-Hill is home to registered Brown Swiss and Holsteins. The farm began in 1978 with the marriage of John and Dee. Along with the growth of the farm came daughters Jeannie and Laurie in 1979 and 1981, respectively. Originally consisting of 40 registered and grade Holsteins, the herd underwent an expansion in 1997 to its current size of 110 milking cows, including nearly 30 Brown Swiss.

The herd is housed in a sand-bedded freestall barn and is milked twice daily in an eight-stall flatbarn parlor.The rolling herd average for the Holsteins is 26,500 lbs., while the Brown Swiss keep pace at nearly 23,000 lbs.

We actively market and show our Brown Swiss genetics, and we would love to show our herd to you! Visitors are ALWAYS welcome! Feel free to call or contact us at any time for inquiries.